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My mission is to play concerts for children with cancer all over Europe. I suffered from cancer myself when I was a teenager and now I’m going back to the hospitals telling about my story and playing my own songs. I want to play where I can help people and make a difference with my music. That’s why I want to play for children with cancer who need a bit of distraction and joy in their daily routine. The Tour started in Bavaria, Germany and led to many hospitals across the country and Austria. Currently the concerts are on hold due to COVID-19.

Here you find updates about the tour regularly! 


Regensburg  9.7.19 

KUNO Kinderklinik, Universität Regensburg

Berlin 13.8.19 

Charite, Virchow-Klinikum

Stuttgart  27.8.19 


Bonn 14.9.19 

Craniopharyngioma gathering

Inzell  12.10.19 

Erholungswerk Postbank Telekom e.V. 

Graz, Austria 17.10.19


Aachen, 22.10.19


Brunswick 30.10.19

Städtisches Klinikum

Oldenburg  2.11.19 


Munich 9.11.19

Hotel Holiday Inn München-Unterhaching

Halle 5.12.19


Erfurt 11.12.19

Helios Klinikum

Mannheim 5.3.20



                                                                     more dates to be announced 

The first concert at KUNO children's hospital


Concert at the Charite in Berlin


Hospital Stuttgart, Olgahospital


Kraniopharingeom Gathering, Bad Sassendorf

Due to data protection reasons and the sensitive environment in which the concerts take place, not many photos can be shown...

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